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We talking, like misdemeanor kind of trouble or "squeal-like-a-pig" trouble?

I'll tell you another thing if you screwed up my car, I'll kill you.

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Name:Dean Winchester
Location:United States of America
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SAM: What? What’s wrong?
DEAN: Well, I kind of have this problem with, uh…
SAM: Flying?
DEAN: It’s never really been an issue until now.
SAM: You’re joking, right?
DEAN: Do I look like I’m joking? Why do you think I drive everywhere, Sam?

Dean Winchester. Pie lover. Demon hunter. Son. Brother. Cocky son of a bitch. Dean is on the hunt for his father with his baby brother riding shotgun. He lives out of his car and crappy motel rooms. He sleeps with a knife under his pillow and usually (if he can help it) in a vibrating bed.

Note: This is a Season One Dean Winchester. He's post Provenance. He hasn't found his dad just yet and vampires are still just a silly myth to him. He doesn't know what the Colt is or that angel's exist. He's fresh faced, fun and loves a hunt. His biggest problem? Getting Sammy laid. One thing to note is that I am not a Wincest guy. If you're into then that's cool. We can still hang out, but it's not for me. Feel free to friend me. PM if you want a verse or just to chat.

mun and muse 18+.
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